Credentialing, Commissioning, and Covering

Global Apostolic Network (GAN) is the “Covering” network for various local and regional networks in many different countries of the world.

GAN is recognized with the US government and the IRS as an officail religious organization that can Ordain, License and Certify workers for the work of ministry; for weddings, funerals, tax purpose, etc

To date, GAN has around 700 churches, ministers and ministries that are under its oversight. There are over 100,000 people that are part of the local and regional congregations and ministries represented in the different countries of the world.

GAN grew out of the ministry of Apostles Marcus & Janette Triplett as they have lived and ministered in many different countries of the world.

Each of the networks listed were started by these “global” apostles and represent many other local and regional networks that have come under the covering represented for each country or continent.

GAN is not affiliated with any denomination. It is a “full gospel” apostolic expression of the Kingdom of God upon the earth.