Dues & Tithes

Prorated Dues:

GAN dues are for the calendar year, January through December and due in January of each calendar year.

New Applicants:

If your application is processed after March, your dues will be prorated by the quarter year. You are welcome to contact the GAN office to get the accurate amount for your prorated dues.

Tax Notices for USA apostles:

Even though GAN annual dues are not tax-deductible as contributions, in most cases they may be deducted as professional expenses. Check with your tax consultant. Contributions over and above your dues can be claimed as Charitable Contributions, and for those you will be issued a tax-deductible Charitable Giving/Donation receipt.

Payment Plans:

Although not recommended, in special cases may be set up quarterly through the GAN Administrator.

Payment Option:

Your dues and/or tithes MUST be paid online using the Donate button to the right.

Ministers Tithes:

Each credentialed minister under the covering of GAN is required to participate in the Melchizedek system of tithing from their ministry income/increase. Gen 14:17-21 / Heb 7:1-3 NASB