Financial Requirements

Global Apostolic Network (GAN) requires a financial commitment from each of its ministers and/or ministries.
This financial commitment is two-fold; Annual Dues and Melchizedek tithes.

Over the years GAN has discovered that those who are not willing to give of their financial resources are usually not really willing to be a true covenant partner with the ministry and its affiliate networks. The bible says that where a man’s treasure is there will his heart be also. In other words people tend to be supportive and give their best to those areas where their hearts and treasures are.

The bible tells how Abraham gave a tenth of the spoils gained from saving his nephew Lot to a priest named Melchizedek, who was symbolically his ministry covering.

The funds received are used to cover administrative costs and start up costs in various countries around the globe. They are also used to provide various resources to the membership of GAN.

The Annual Dues, the Melchizedek tithes as well as any special offerings that are given should be paid online using the Donate button and be clearly marked as to the designation for the funds. The treasurer and/or bookkeeper for GAN will then distribute the funds as requested within the ministry networks.