Global Apostolic Network (GAN) is a network of ministers and ministries from all around the globe that are functioning in the Five-Fold ministry expression. Therefore, it is fundamental that each member has a recognized, approvable ministry gifting, calling, and expression.

The members of GAN are joined together through a ministry covenant based on calling, giftings, and positioning within the Body of Christ.

Abundant Life Ministries of Daytona Beach, Inc. (ALM) and Global Apostolic Network (GAN) is a 501(c) (3) Not-for-Profit Religious corporation registered with the I.R.S. and recognized by the United States Government as a national and international overseeing agency of Churches, Ministers, Ministries, Schools, and Networks in the U.S.A. and around the world.

ALM & GAN spent thousands of dollars so that our members don’t have to. Our ministry credentials and certificates are recognized and respected in all fifty states in the USA and in most every major country of the world.

ALM & GAN can provide group tax exempt status as a 501(c)(3) to the following organizations: Church Plants, Existing Churches, Ministries, Schools, Christian Counseling Centers, Evangelistic Associations, and other qualified Non-Profit organizations.

ALM & GAN can provide ministerial credentials for Ordination and Licenses for each of the Five-Fold ministries as well as other Ministry Certificates for specialized ministries and/or ministers.

GAN can help with various ministry and personal ministers insurances, Pastors Income Tax preparation, Constitution and Bylaws, Bookkeeping and Accounting, I.R.S. Housing Allowances, Church Planting, Website building and maintenance, promotional items such as business cards, printing logos and other promotional items, as well as other important financial, corporate, and business related issues.

GAN can help provide the needed and respected Accountability and Responsibility needed to grant validity and seriousness to your ministry.

GAN provides Missions Opportunities through its many overseas networks around the world. You can go and minister alone or with a team in many different capacities; church planting, evangelistic crusades, conferences, seminars, short-term missions as well as long-term missions opportunities.

GAN can help establish new ministry connections as well as new contacts that can help expose your ministry to new people. It can also provide new avenues for ministry in the five-fold expression.

To become a member of GAN each minister and/or ministry must formally apply by filling out the Ministerial Application Form, and mailing it, with the requested information to the international offices of GAN in the United States.

The application will be reviewed by the leadership of GAN and an invitation to join will be issued, providing that the criteria given meets the criteria for membership with the appropriate network and/or GAN.