Gifts and Offices

The office of apostle, as in the case of all spiritual gifts, is given to believers by God as He pleases (See 1 Cor. 12:11,18). Spiritual gifts are given only by the grace of God.
However an office, such as the office of apostle, is not given by grace alone, but given as a result of works that have demonstrated faithfulness in stewarding the gift. If God has chosen to give a man or woman the gift of apostle, the fruit of that gift will be evident to others and in due time the body of Christ will confer the office of apostle on that person. This act is most often termed “commissioning,” and it is performed by peer-level apostles, as well as prophets, representing the church and laying on hands. The title “apostle” is ordinarily used only by those who have been duly commissioned into the office, although this principle has not yet been formalized in many situations.

The office of Prophet: These are like advisors to the apostles and other ministers. Their primary function is to listen to God’s voice and get day-to-day or moment-by-moment updates from the throne room. The information they receive is then passed onto the apostolic leaders who are in charge of administrating the Kingdom of Heaven on earth or to whomever they are instructed to speak.

The office of Evangelist: Apostles and prophets may know how the battle should go, and lead the charge of the battlefield, but it is the army of evangelists that will infiltrate the territory of the enemy and bring home the trophies of war. Many of these evangelists may be young and somewhat inexperienced, but they will be led by those with greater maturity. They will use many different gifts and talents to attract and convert the lost. Some will be prophetic evangelists, other will do signs and wonders. Still others will use music and drama to draw the unbeliever. They will be placed in balanced teams through the revelatory gifts of the prophets and the administrative skills of the apostles.

The office of Pastor: When the evangelists return with their trophies of war, they bring them into the sheepfold where they are immediately cared for by those who have the gift of pastoring. they are given love and assurance that they will be cared for and protected. They are given healing from war wounds inflicted on them be their previous commanders. They are introduced by these pastors to the wonderful benefits of being cared for by the Greater Sheperd of their souls. Under the care of these “under-shepards”, they ggrow in spiritual strengthand maturity.

The office of Teacher: Working side by side with the pastors are the teachers. They share with the converts and the whole church the exciting truths that God is revealing. They help to equip the young Christians with the knowledge of the Word of God that will give them strength for the battles that they will certainly be a part of. Some teachers will focus on basic principles of life and doctrine, while others will specialize in very specific subjects.